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We are a diverse group of content creators based in the heart of Seoul.

Our Perspective

Providing a wide range of digital services, we focus on creating digital solutions and finding creative ways to share your message with the world.

  • Jay Jeong
    Design Lead
    Character modeler and art director with 8 years experience working for various startups
    I like to laugh
  • Jessy Namkoong
    Social Media Lead
    Paradise Bay, Bubble Witch Saga 2, AstroNest, Velator: Immortal Invasion
    I wanted to be a king of the world, but I became a king of games instead
  • Katrin Maurer
    German CS
    K-Colors of Korea and KoME World
    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
  • Alex Claesson
    User Acquisition Lead
    AstroNest, Blade: Sword of Elysion, Ire: Blood Memory
    Played too much Soccer, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, Herores of Newerth
  • Gaston Reid
    Marketing Manager
    Orange Telecom, SNOW, AstroNest, Kocca, Nintendo
    Don't jump in fighting games.
  • Wesley Chang
    Photographer, Designer, Video Editor, Cinematographer. All around visuals guy.
    I Took These Photos.
  • Philip Paek
    Design and Community for Marvel Future Fight, Astronest, GangnamGamers, KOCCA
    The Star Of A Semi-Viral Dance Video With Over 700,000 Views.
  • Pablo FG
    Filmmaker, and designer with experience in branding, editorial, poster and web design.
    Whatever You End Up Doing, Love It
  • Yan Lam
    Project Manager
    SNOW, Velator: Immortal Invasion, Buddy Rush: The Legends, + years of PC gaming
    I'm Actually Not THAT Short.
  • Lorelei Tan
    CS Specialist
    Experian, Sprint, Special Force, Crossfire and iDate
    The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do
  • Paul Hwangbo
    Marketing Manager
    Disney ABC TV, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Startups, AstroNest, Kixeye, SNOW
    Google Gyopoman.
  • Milton Lee
    Project Manager
    Japanese Games
  • Ghislain Tavolini
    Sales Coordinator & Project Manager
    Ire, League of Masters, ShadowBlood, The Soul
    There Is No Such Thing As ELO Hell.
  • Alice Kim
    Marketing Manager Korea, KIXEYE
  • Jake
    Project Manager
    Koihime Musou, Ragnarok2, VM Casino, Astronest, Astromusume, Shadowblood, Soul Slash Saga2
    A Japanese and English hybrid...God's abomination! Who created this atrocity?
  • Cyndi Park
    Licensing & Partnership Manager
    Digital game licensing, marketing sales
    Everything Will Be OK!!
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